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While completing a drag racing project, the customer who had been injured in a farming accident expressed a desire to ride a motorcycle again. He inquired if it would be possible to engineer and build one which would be easily accessible. His trike required a rear engine design with wheelchair-to-motorcycle seat transfer, a place to transport a wheelchair, and full hand controls. It had to be fast and user-friendly. Successfully incorporating all of these criteria into a road-ready vehicle has launched Liberator Trikes®.


Liberator Trikes®, is located just outside the city limits of the southwestern Minnesota town of Canby. Liberator Trikes background has been afiliated with the automotive racing scene for over twenty-five years. Our in-house engine development programs have included Bonneville Salt Flats, numerous ARCA (American Race Car Club of America), and ASA (American Speed Association) entries along with a host of drag racing, dirt track racing, and import tuner engine modifications. In addition, Liberator Trikes has a full line of fabrication and manufacturing equipment to facilitate the racing and custom projects that have been developed over the years.

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What owners are saying

Jack Harper, Virginia Beach, VA
"I took second place in a major motorcycle show last week. First would have been better, but I still received $1000.00 for second"
Tom Sunde, Iowa
"I haven't gone more than 100 miles from my farm, but I've put on 9000 miles on it in two years."
Jerry Garrett, USA
"There was much admiration for [the trike] and they could really see the change in me, the absolute joy I get in riding again."
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