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  • Customized Trikes

    Built for bikers unserved by traditional motorcycle manufacturers.
  • V-8 Powered

    Boasting 275 horsepower, this trike is built for those that enjoy the open road with the wind in their hair.
  • Customized Seating

    No need to straddle this bike; Low-slung chassis enables riders to mount motorcycle from a seated position.

Freedom to Ride

Share in the biker experience. The Liberator Trike, catered to both disabled and abled-body riders, boasts a stable riding design that puts your knees in the breeze.

American Made

Designed and built in small-town USA.


Personalized to customer specifications, the Liberator Trike uses racing parts that are designed specifically for lightness and strength.

About the trike

The Liberator Motorcycle Trike, with its unique open frame design, enables challenged and unchallenged drivers an ease of access unparallel to other designs.

Each Liberator seat is custom profiled to meet the needs and comfort of the drivers and riders. With provision for chair placement directly behind the drivers seat (if needed),  the Liberator can be driven in a complete, independent environment. Install the removable passenger seat  for a liberating ride down the highway in a conventional tandem seating arrangement.

The sound of the V-8 will let every one know that this is no ordinary motorcycle.  At an average of thirty miles to the gallon, the Liberator has a blend of power and efficiency.  The automatic transmission with reverse states ease of operation.

Liberator Trikes - Feel the Freedom Enjoy the Ride 

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